Victoria Ruta Skirpa  

Victoria’s work in sculpture and interest in the body led to a deep exploration of jewelry, as it is an intimate sculptural medium. Jewelry is so special, says Victoria "because it is intimate and can foster human connection."

The love of beautiful objects, and the dismay over human and environmental destruction that often accompanies the supply chain, brought Victoria to the shores of sustainable jewelry. For Victoria, the foundation of sustainability is to value, facilitate, and sustain relationships over time, between human beings and the environment. It is simple. When we wear sustainable jewelry we commit and trust both beauty and meaning.

Victoria is an entrepreneur and artist of incredible creative and material breadth.  As an experienced visual artist, her work dialogues between contemporary design and visual archetypes; contemporary, yet anchored in history. While Victoria respects craftsmanship and is meticulously attentive to detail, her work also radiates energy, movement and life. Victoria’s first successful business, produced sculpture for galleries, museum pieces, as well as architectural metalwork for select clients in the wine country of California. Her jewelry an sculpture is prominently displayed at OGalleryO in Berkley's prestigious Claremont District.